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updated 9/1/04

Junior Assistant Scoutmaster
This Scout must be at least 16 years old and typically has been the Senior Patrol Leader in a previous year.  He supervises and supports the other boy leaders.  He may also work as a troop instructor.  On his 18th birthday, the junior assistant Scoutmaster is eligible to become an assistant Scoutmaster.


Senior Patrol Leader
This is the top junior leadership position in the troop and the most challenging one too.  This Scout is chosen by the adult leaders because he is the most qualified to run the troop.  At meetings or other activities, the senior patrol leader is in charge


Assistant Senior Patrol Leader
This Scout is appointed by the senior patrol leader to help him with the challenges of running the troop.  He typically has specific responsibilities such as training and managing the instructors, troop historian, librarian and so on. 


Troop Guide
This Scout is assigned to a patrol of new boys and it his is job to help them adjust to Boy Scouting.  He helps them with troop activities, rank advancement and camp outs.


Patrol Leader
Each patrol elects its own patrol leader.  This boy sets a good example for the members of the patrol by living the Scout Oath and Scout Law.  He takes the lead in planning and steering patrol meetings.


Krippner Scribe
This Scout collects weekly inspection sheets from the Scoutmaster and tallies the results.  The Krippner Scribe describes the purpose of tracking Scouts’ attendance to meetings and outings and then announces the top patrol and top Scouts at the winter and spring Court of Honors.


Libris Scribe
This Scout keeps track of the records related to the troop’s Libris Reading Award.  Prior to each Court of Honor, this scribe sends an email to the parents in the group describing the Libris Award and telling where boys can get award forms.  He also presents the awards to the boys at the Court of Honors.  He must work with the advancement committee to manage his supply of awards.


Camp Parsons Slide Show Scribe
This Scout assembles a PowerPoint slide show to be shown at the Winter Court of Honor.  The show contains photos taken by anyone who attended camp with Troop 144 last summer.  This show typically kicks off the summer camp sign ups for next summer.


Web Page Scribe
This Scout creates a document to be added to the troop’s web page.  Typically this document describes his patrol through the use of photos and descriptive text.


This boy maintains the troop’s collection of merit badge books and other reference materials for checkout by the Scouts and leaders.  He also keeps the current list of merit badge counselors in the area.  It is also his responsibility to recommend new book acquisitions that would benefit the troop.


Prior to becoming a troop bugler, this Scout must learn three bugle tunes: To the Colors, Retreat and Taps.  These are tunes the bugler will play on troop campouts and at summer camp.  The bugler will work on Bugling Merit Badge during his time in office.


This Scout manages the check-out and check-in of woodcarving knives at summer camp.


Scoutmaster – Assigned Duties
These are duties that suit a particular Scout and troop situation.  The effort required must be comparable to that of a Patrol Leader