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  Adult Leadership
updated 9/1/04

P R O G R A M – R E L A T ED:

Dads Chairman  (Troop Committee Chairman)
Coordinates all of the troop committees and conducts the Dads’ Meetings.  The Dads’ Committee Chairman serves as the primary spokesman for the Troop Committee.  Using the BSA troop model, the Dads’ Chairmain is the highest ranking person in the troop.


This person is pivotal since he relates to the adult leaders, the youth leaders and the Scouts in the troop.  The Scoutmaster performs his job by training boy leaders to run the troop.  He also recruits and manages the assistant Scoutmasters in their assigned roles.  Using the BSA troop model, the Scoutmaster works for the Dads’ Chairman.


Assistant Scoutmaster  (at least one per patrol)
The assistant Scoutmaster supports the Scoutmaster.  Generally, he is given a specific responsibility in the troop such as working with the new Scouts, the older Scouts, advancements, programs or outings.  Assistant Scoutmasters may occasionally serve as the Scoutmaster whenever the need arises.  Each patrol provides an active assistant Scoutmaster.


Program Chairman
Assumes primary responsibility for organizing the Scout skill sessions presented at each troop meeting.  This person manages a committee of parents that schedule programs of high interest to the Scouts.  The Program Chairman works in conjunction with the Senior Patrol Leader and Scoutmaster who conduct the troop meetings.


Patrol Flag Chairman
Maintains the supply of patrol flag building materials so new patrol can construct their flag.  This person facilitates the flag construction activity.


O U T I N G S – R E L A T E D:

Outings Chairman
Oversees all preparations made by the dads and Scouts for each troop outing. It is his responsibility that trip permits are file with the council in a timely fashion and that the outings are safe, enjoyable and interesting to the boys.


Outing Sponsor
Works with the Scoutmaster, dads and youths to plan and implement safe and interesting outings.


Dads Food Coordinator  (one per campout)
Different dads coordinate the adult food for each outing.  Having the dads cook separately encourages patrol structured cooking by the boys.


Summer Camp Chairman
Coordinates all preparations for summer camp.  This includes making reservations, collecting fees, holding a pre-camp orientation as well as securing drivers and adult leaders.


Order of the Arrow Chairman
Promotes Order of the Arrow to our eligible Scouts and works with the local lodge members who run elections, tap outs and ordeals.


A D V A N C E M E N T – R E L A T E D:

Advancement Chairman
Keeps advancement records, submits proper paperwork to the council office and purchases the awards when Scouts advance.  He works directly with the senior Scouts who present skill sessions to the younger boys.  He also trains and coordinates Board of Review Chairman.


Board of Review Chairman
Oversees the Board of Review process.  Typically he hosts the reviews with other adults and senior Scouts.


Merit Badge Counselor Chairman
Encourages every troop parent to become a merit badge counselor.  He collects and renews merit badge counselor applications and makes available a list of counselors to the boys.


Merit Badge Counselor  (over 120 badges)
Every dad and many moms in our troop are counselors for merit badges. 


F I N A N C I A L – R E L A T E D :

Maintains the financial records of the troop and issues checks for troop expenses.  He assumes primary responsibility for developing the troop operating budget.


Magazine Sale Chairman
Coordinates all magazine sale activities, the troop's main fund raising event.


A D M I N I S T R A T I O N – R E L A T E D:

Roundtable Chairman
This person represents the troop at the monthly district meetings usually held at Fairview Christian School, 844 NE 78th St.  Important information and handouts are distributed at these meetings concerning troop rechartering, Order of the Arrow, community service and training opportunities.


Membership Chairman
Recruits new members and acquaints them with Troop 144.  He registers the boys and adults with the council office and generates a troop roster.  And as required, makes recommendations to the Troop Committee for setting policy to maintain a manageable troop size.


Maintains a database of each parent’s drivers license number, automobile license number and automobile insurance information.  These items are required when the troop files trip permits with the council office.  He also stores the youth and adult medical forms and requests updated versions when required.


Uniform Exchange Chairman
Collects outgrown and unused Scout uniforms for free distribution to Scouts in the troop.


Maintains and updates resources on the troop web page to help disseminate information to the boys and dads.


Youth Protection Officer
Makes sure that we conduct meetings and outings with youth safety the highest priority.  He encourages all dads to take the youth protection safety course and keeps records of who has completed the course.


Bryant Liaison
Reserves the use of the lunchroom with the school district.


Picnic Chairman
Reserves the picnic facility for the end of the year picnic.  He also manages the potluck assignments and group activities.


Woodcarving Quartermaster
Stores and maintains the troop’s woodcarving equipment.


Dutch Oven Quartermaster
Stores and maintains the troop’s collection of Dutch Oven equipment.


Snow Camp Quartermaster
Stores and maintains the troop’s snow camping equipment.


Troop Memorabilia Quartermaster
Stores the troop’s collection of awards and displays them at troop functions as required.


Lashing Activity Quartermaster
Stores and maintains the troop’s items related to our spring lashing activity.


Webelos Night Quartermaster
Stores and maintains the troop’s items needed for Webelos Night, typically the logs for the hammer relay.


Troop 144 T-Shirt Quartermaster
Stores and maintains an adequate supply of green Troop 144 T-shirts.  These are given to new boys when the enter the troop and to dads who attend summer camp with the troop.  Occasionally it is necessary to give boys a new T-shirt as they get older or they loose their shirts.  These shirts make us look like a real class act at summer camp.