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updated 3/4/10
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  Scout Requirements Eagle Leadership Project
  Daniel. D. - Magnuson Park Native Plant Restoration
38 Colin Rice Feb-10 Cowen Park  Native Plant Restoration
37 Kyle Bradburn Dec-09 Colman Park  Childrens' Garden
36 Eli Mauksch Sep-09 Interlaken Park Erosion Control
35 Andrew Campbell May-08 Build Stairs at Interlaken Park
34 Jack Laurence May-08 Build Structure at Coleman Playground
33 Dan Remme May-08 Install Ravenna Pk playground equipment
32 Patrick Fay Feb-08 Community Photo Project
31 Chris Koressel Dec-07 Grn. Lk. Small Craft Ctr. Beautification
30 Daniel Jacobi Mar-06 Magnuson Park Native Plant Restoration
29 Peter Metzger Sep-06 Wedgwood School Playground
28 Owen Watson Sep-06 GAR Cemetery Park Paving Project
27 Devin Mooers Sep-06 Cowan Park Stairs
26 Jacob Anderson Jul-06 Cowan Park Clean Up
25 Matt Yelin May-06 Magnuson Park Trail Restoration
24 Allen Cent Apr-06 Humane Society Cat Scratching Posts
23 Russell Pharr May-05 Lake People Park Restoration
22 Chris Jones May-05 UW Arboretum Replanting
21 Sam Johnston May-05 Voter Registration Drive
20 Marcus Gladden May-05 Bryant School Garden Improvements
19 Geoffrey Larson May-04 Coleman Park Tree Planting
18 Kiel Johnson Dec-03 Woodland Park Off-Leash Stairs
17 Scott Brooks Jun-03 Ravenna Park Trail Improvements
16 Brian Brooks Jun-03 Maple Leaf Park Staircase
15 Scott Seamster May-03 University District Graffiti Paint-Over
14 Joel Duker Apr-03 Sail Sandpoint Improvements
13 Spencer Backus Mar-03 Magnuson Pea Patch Improvements
12 Nick Jones Mar-03 North Helpline Hygiene Packs
11 Colin Farnsworth Nov-03 Northhaven Benches
10 Warren Cent May-01 Roosevelt HS Bike Shelters
9 Brian Boyns May-01 Golden Gardens Cistern Clean Out
8 Nic Carpenter Jan-01 Golden Gardens Trail Construction
7 Zac Corker Apr-99 Peace Park Clean Up
6 Peter Norgaard Apr-99 Seattle Public School Signs
5 Sam Burns Jan-99 Blake Island Geoduck Planting
4 Andy Lentz Jan-99 Childrens Book and Video Drive
3 John Schaefer Nov-98 Meadowbrook Park Improvements
2 Mark Boyns Nov-98 Renton Park Picnic Area Improvements 
1 Austin Lang May-98 Bicycles for Non-Profit Organization