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Eagle Checklist

updated 11/29/06, Cent
approved 6/17/06, Aurora District Advancement Chairman

  Completing the Rank of Eagle is very different than other rank advancements because the process involves people outside our troop. To help guide you through it all here is a checklist outlining the steps:


1. After becoming a Life Scout, earn five more required merit badges & five more elective merit badges.

2. After becoming a Life Scout, hold a leadership position for six months.

3. Select a Eagle Scout Service Project and discuss it with your Scoutmaster.

4. Phone the Aurora District Advancement Chairman and get the project pre-approved.

5. Write a detailed description of the project in the Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project Workbook.

6. Get signatures from the benefiting organization, Scoutmaster, Dads' Chair District Advancement Chairman.

7. With the help of people working under you, complete the service project.

8. Get signatures from the benefiting organization and Scoutmaster confirming the project is done.

9. Submit the completed Workbook to the District Advancement Chairman.

10. Get six letters of recommendation sent to District Advancement Chairman. Letters from a parent, a religious leader, an educator, an employer and two letters from anyone you choose are required.

11. Write a Life Statement describing your accomplishments and your ambitions. The Life Statement is about *you*, the whole you. Include Scouts, sports, school, family, friends, travel whatever you think is *you*. Be sure to reflect back on all your accomplishments and then project forward where you think you are headed. The purpose of the Life Statement is to help you realize how far you have come and how much farther you can go. Scouting is all about guiding young men to become successful adults. Writing your Life Statement is Scouting's way of making sure your life compass is set before you move onto bigger and better things.

12. Complete an Eagle Scout Rank Application.

13. Participate in a Scoutmaster Conference.  Present your completed Eagle Application and Life Statement to your Scoutmaster.

14. Submit the Eagle Application and Life Statement to the Chief Seattle Council Headquarters.  They will take several days to review the materials.

15. After Council approval, the District Advancement Chairman will arrange with you an Eagle Board of Review. This may take up to a week to set up.

16. Attend your Eagle Board of Review.

17. The Eagle Scout Rank Application, with all necessary signatures, must be re-submitted to the Chief Seattle Council which will be forwarded to National BSA Headquarters.

18. About a month later, the National BSA Headquarters will send the Eagle medal, badge and  certificate to the Chief Seattle Council.  The Scout and his Scoutmaster will be notified by mail upon their arrival. The items can be picked up during business hours in the Chief Seattle Council office, not the Scout Shop.

19. The Scout is officially an Eagle Scout at this point.  A formal Eagle Court of Honor should be planned soon.