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  Blue Card Process
  updated 3/5/07
  This is a graphical overview of the merit badge blue card process.  The parts to be filled out by the Scoutmaster are shown in red, the parts to be filled out by the Scout are shown in green and the parts to be filled by the counselor are shown in blue.  The process is as simple as 1 - 2 - 3 .


Each Scout should ask his Scoutmaster for a blue card when he is ready to be signed-off for a merit badge.  The card should be filled out specifically for the Scout and the badge he is working on.


  The Scout needs to fill-in some information about himself and his troop.


  After the Scout has completed all the merit badge requirements the counselor confirms that by completing his part of the blue card.


  Finally, the Scout separates the blue card into three parts  and makes sure that everyone gets their part.