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Outing Sponsor Checklist

updated 7/12/04, Jacobi

  The following is a general outline of the responsibilities and recommended timeline for preparing for an outing.  The actual timeline and due dates may vary depending on the specific outing and the troop calendar.  Please check the troop calendar to anticipate if there are any “no meeting” Mondays which would alter the date for flyers and permission slips, etc.
  1. September:  Gather info on the outing from past trip leaders, ranger district, web sites, etc.
  2. September:  Obtain reservation for site if needed.
  3. Prepare handouts for the trip – handouts should be at each meeting 2-3 weeks before typical outing. Contact outing chair if you need samples.
  • trip description
  • copy of maps or trail descriptions
  • driving directions
  • permission slip – need to list names and contact info for:  scoutmaster, outing chair, trip leader and youth protection officer attending the outing (see new form)
  • sign-up sheet with carpool partner sign-ups
  1. E-mail copies of all handouts to entire troop list a day or two before meeting they will be handed out at.  Try asking for permission slips to be brought to the meeting in your e-mail, this may reduce the follow-up for missing permission slips the week of the trip.
  2. Week of the outing
  • Designate at least one dad to bring his fully-charged cell phone to the outing and leave it on for the duration of the outing.  Broadcast his cell phone number to the whole troop by email.
  • Check in with dads at the meeting who have not signed permission slips, clarify any carpool questions (conflicting info on sign-up sheet, etc).
  • Get needed signatures on the Tour Permit at or before meeting
  • e-mail a list of who is going and who is carpooling by Tuesday evening – you might even send a draft list before the Monday meeting.  (It will help parents see if they have forgotten to sign up their son or if their son has signed up and they don’t know yet).
  • Contact the Chief Seattle Council scout office to have the Tour Permit approved (allow two days by fax)
  • Contact anyone without permission slips by e-mail or phone as needed.
  • Send final draft of trip list late Wednesday pm if possible.  Hopefully it will be stable enough you don’t need to send another version to everyone.  Final minor changes can be sent to Scoutmaster and outing trip leaders on Thursday if time allows.
  • Advise recipients of final draft that any last minute car pool changes should be worked out between individuals, as you may not get their message on Friday.
  1. Other details:
  • work out among outing/troop leaders who will be going first to process the check-in or great the troop members at the trail head.
  • If a backpack, arrange who will be “rear guard” on the hike in.  It is good to recruit an experienced adult or two to hang back with the new scouts and dads.